Oral liquid dispenser

Unique design. It guarantees the exact dosage at each administration in three steps.

  • Volumes and colours are completely customisable

  • No leaks during dosing phase

  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble

  • No content waste

  • Always ensures correct measurement

  • A click informs the user that the volume has been set correctly

  • A click informs the user of the correct connection to the adapter

  • Locking system that prevents piston detachment

  • Overdose prevention technology

Why choose Dosecare

Fully hygienic system

Ensures that the device stays clean

Safe and repeatable dosage system

An innovative system allows others to dose safely.

Safe and secure attachment

Leak-free transfer of the liquid from the adapter to the barrel.

Ergonomic tip design

Doesn’t irritate the patient’s mouth

Technical features 5 ml

  • Head
    • Makes it possible to set volumes up to 5 ml in 0.5 ml increments
    • Ergonomic and easy to use
    • Full selection of colours
  • System for setting the dose to be drawn
    • It is easy to set the volume to be drawn
    • Prevents errors for repeated dosages
    • No need to check at every use
    • Patent pending system
  • Easy to use
    • Intuitive and easy to use
    • Easy to disassemble and reassemble
    • Doesn’t irritate the patient’s mouth
  • Prevents waste of medicine
    • The liquid does not remain outside the barrel
    • The liquid is never wasted
    • The dose administered is precisely the dose measured
  • Vial adapter
    • Prevents liquid leaks

    • A click informs the user that the barrel has been correctly attached

    • Adapter supplied separately

    • Patent pending system

Technical features 10 ml

  • Ergonomic device
    • the operator can hold the device and administer the medicine with ease
    • the graduation marks are on both sides of the barrel
  • Versatile setting
    • makes it possible to set volumes from 0 to 10 ml, in 0.5 ml increments

Why we manufactured Dosecare

Dosecare has been conceived to simplify the stages of administration of oral liquids and make them safer. Dosecare has a series of measures and technical solutions that make it possible, even for non-experts, to always administer the correct dose of medicine or supplement, without mess, without overdosing or waste, and without irritating the mouth

The volume and colours of Dosecare are customisable. Strict quality controls to meet pharmaceutical standards.

Because each device represents us and speaks for us.

*All colours available * All volumes available until 0.6mL and more *Branded devices available

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