Mini syringe

Compact and robust design. Ideal to be hidden in one hand.

Designed in a compact and robust design, Misyri guarantees the fastest administration of medicines to patients.

Why choose Misyri

Purposely small

Designed to be hidden in one hand

Easy vaccinations

Allowing children to be vaccinated almost without noticing

Compatible and portable

The compact design reduces packaging space, thus limiting plastic and packaging waste

Technical features

  • Full selection of colours

  • Removable anti-slip finger grip

  • Saves transport space

  • Customisable shape

  • Available in different materials

  • Available in different sizes

  • Silicon free


The volume and colours of Misyri are highly customisable. Strict quality controls to meet pharmaceutical standards.

Because each device we manufacture represents us and speaks for us.

All colours available* All volumes available until 0.6mL and more *Branded devices available*

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