pharmaceutical packaging

Design and manufacture of packaging and medical devices for the pharmaceutical sector.

Althena develops and manufactures custom-made medical devices and packaging in very short times. We are organised and structured to be fast and flexible. We manufacture prototypes for automatic assembly in-house, in order to reduce time and costs.
We work side-by-side with the Customer to understand their modus operandi and supply the product according to their needs.

Why choose Althena

We are by your side

Each customer is unique. We adapt to your modus operandi and listen to your needs.


Starting from your needs, we find the right technical solution for you.


We are structured and organised to design and develop devices in the shortest time frame possible.

Guaranteed quality

The quality of our products is our business card. For this reason our products are carefully tested by specialised personnel.

Packaging for pharmaceutical liquids

We conceive, design and manufacture packaging for pharmaceutical liquids.
The analysis of specific needs allows us to create appropriate and satisfactory solutions from a technical, economic and qualitative point of view. It is our customers who provide us with the input we need: we listen to their requests and interpret them to ensure quality products based on tested operating procedures, which reduce costs and make the time frame much faster than average.

Primary pharmaceutical packaging

The primary pharmaceutical packaging is designed taking into account the specific needs of the customer.
All our products ensure compatibility between the primary container and the drug: an essential feature also for the development of sensitive drugs.
Pipettes, oral dispensers, pre-filled syringes and all other products are strictly checked to ensure that they meet standards of excellence. The entire production process, in turn, is monitored. There is a wide range of potential applications for our customised products, including sensitive drugs and biotech drugs.


Choosing our custom designed and manufactured pipettes means being sure about an increase in operating efficiency: the products that we study and develop with the collaboration of our customers and suppliers, ensure maximum reliability in terms of quality and technical usability. It is possible to choose the solution you need from a full range of materials, components and dimensions, according to your needs, for optimal use and guaranteed quality. Contact us to study the product most fit for your needs. Together we will find the best solution for your specific application.

Oral dispensers

Our oral dispensers meet all kinds of needs for companies in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector. The many options we provide are a reference point for customers who are looking for a tailor-made solution for the application of the drug or food supplement. Our reality is the right answer for those who are looking for a quality level of innovation and flexibility much higher than what is normally guaranteed: we provide a wide range of formats for every need. Our products are at the forefront from a technical point of view and in line with every request in terms of safety, robustness and reliability.

Pre-filled syringes

The design and manufacture of pre-filled syringes is based on specific customer requirements: this makes it possible to provide tailor-made solutions and customised products able to meet any need. The selection of resistant, high quality materials is synonymous with longevity. Our modus operandi is to pay the utmost attention to the expectations of those who turn to us for the development and manufacture of medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging. Together with our customers, we study the most suitable solution for every need. There are many possible uses, from vaccines to anticoagulants such as heparin.

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