Pre-refillable syringes in COP

  • Prevents air infiltrations even after years;

  • Robust design: no cracks and breaks on the luer lock;

  • Remains transparent after autoclaving;

  • 100% customizable;

  • Available in sizes up to 6ml;

  • Optional anti-tampering system.

Why choose Sycare


Highly resistant: Reinforced, crack-resistant luer lock design;


Airtight screw cap: Airtight closure system designed to reduce friction;


Safe finger grip:No rotation or movements unless intended;


Durable plunger rod: Doesn’t flex allowing high precision and gradual pressure;

Technical features

Plunger rod

  • Durable non-flexible design
  • Fully customisable heads

Finger grip

  • Prevents syringe from moving

  • Every shape available

*All colours available *All volumes available

Tip design

  • Easy-grip
  • Reinforced to prevent cracks

Screw cap

  • Easy to screw and unscrew, no friction

  • No friction between rubber and syringe tip

  • Safe and secure when shaken or during sterilization

  • Patent pending

Why make COP barrels

  • Transparent like glass, but weighs less

  • Easy to shape

  • Breakage and leak resistant

  • No alkaline ion leaks

  • Constant PH values guaranteed

Why Sycare was manufactured

Sycare has been conceived and manufactured to be a robust and safe device. In fact, it prevents the formation of cracks in the material and flexion of the plunger rod. Furthermore, the special design – patent pending – of the screw cap prevents the formation of particles due to the screw cap rubbing against the syringe’s tip. Thus both the patient and the doctors feel safer and more comfortable when using Sycare.

The volume and colours of Sycare are highly customisable. Strict quality controls to meet pharmaceutical standards.

Because each device we manufacture represents us and speaks for us.

We deliver your finished and customised products in 3 months

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